Entering 9th Grade

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Admission to Clinton School for Writers and Artists high school program is screened, with admissions based on the following selection criteria:

• Class grades: English (85-100), Math (85-100), Science (85-100), Social Studies (85-100)
• Standardized Test Scores: Math Levels: 2-4; English Language Arts Levels: 2-4
• Review of Attendance & Punctuality

Per NYCDOE policy, ELA and Math test results will not be the sole, primary or major factor in admissions decisions, consistent with applicable law. Instead, multiple measures, which may include State test results, will be used to make admissions decisions for screened/audition programs.

The keynote presentation we share at the event is available for viewing at:


Our program code for the high school application is M64A. 



Social Studies

The end goal of our Social Studies curriculum, from 6-12, is to develop critical readers, writers, and thinkers who can see complex issue from multiple perspectives.

In the upper grades, students continue their study of U.S. history and government.  Course work over the following three years includes the study of economics and world history.  By the end of 12th grade, students are able to make sense of political, social, and economic developments in the world by searching for answers to their own questions and appreciating that there may not be one correct point of view in any given situation.

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Our students will be stepping into adulthood in a world that changes dramatically at an ever-quickening pace.  The science courses at Clinton are designed to help students construct knowledge of the natural world, as well as learn how to engage in the process of scientific discovery.  Every science class has a lab once a week in order to provide more time for students to work on inquiry-based and hands-on laboratory experiments.

The science course sequence for the upper grades is living environment, chemistry, and a two-year computer science course.  (You did read that correctly; there is no physics course.) Our program is designed to develop scientific thinkers who approach problems, learning, and design with strong, critical minds.  We feel it is our responsibility to provide students with a foundation of scientific knowledge and skills that will give them multiple options when considering the career path they will pursue.


The focus of the Clinton Math Department revolves around developing a deep understanding of algebraic knowledge. New York State has committed to shifting fully into the Common Core math standards, which emphasize depth over breadth. As a result of this shift, our classes frequently involve difficult real-world problems that challenge students to apply their mathematical knowledge in new ways. Our central concern is that students show perseverance when attempting these problems. Our curriculum encourages students to discover and experience many topics. This can be a difficult shift, but the emphasis on problem solving and perseverance are the essential skills that students should strengthen for future success.

For students who have taken Algebra 1 prior to 9th grade, we offer a one year computer science course instead.  Students may or may not sit for the AP exam; it's a decision we leave up to them.  It does provide students a window into the two-year course they will take in 11th and 12 grades, which may help them to determine if they will study computer science or film with greater intensity.

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English Language Arts

Our ELA courses spiral across the grade levels, meaning that all courses are designed using the Common Core as a foundation.  At each grade level, students read, write, and discuss a wide variety of genres and all grade levels study a piece by Shakespeare.

9th - 12th Grades 
Students are studying U.S. history in 9th grade, and so their first ELA high school level course weaves American literature with a strong focus on the craft of writing.  This gives them a deeper context for understanding the development of the American identity.  In preparation for their two-year world history course in 11th and 12th grades, students in our 10th grade course explore the literature of peace and conflict. They apply their craft to make sense of writings from a range of time periods and places, and they continue to develop their own voice and interests as a writer.  At the end of 10th grade, our students will sit for the NYS ELA Regents.        

Foreign Language 

In this class, students will develop basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills that will enable them to communicate about themselves, their friends, and their family in a foreign language. Students will also investigate aspects of culture and acquire study skills important for language learning. We encourage students to sign up for at least one club and/or sports team.

Health Education

The Clinton Health program responds to the challenges facing youth today. It builds on the foundation established in grades K-6 and supports youth in making the crucial health choices they will face during adolescence and throughout their lives.

The International Baccalaureate Programme


Clinton's high school is not being built from scratch. We have more than 25 years of experience as the first-choice middle school in District 2. We're building on this track record of success—in curriculum development, in attracting teaching professionals who have a passion for their content and working with adolescents, and in developing a positive, close-knit school culture that values independent thinkers. Adding one grade at a time allows us to plan and develop it with the input of students, faculty, and parents.

We are offering the International Baccalaureate (IB)* Diploma Programme (DP), and were authorized as an IB World School in December 2016. IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering high-quality programs of international education that share a powerful vision.

The International Baccalaureate, a globally recognized honors program, provides challenging academics paired with a social and emotional framework for developing balanced, well-rounded students. Our upper grades program is built as an “International Baccalaureate for ALL” model, with students completing NYS Regents requirements by the end of 10th grade in order to participate in all IB courses in 11th and 12th grades. 

By the end of 10th grade, students are expected to pass coursework and exams for Regents Algebra 1, Living Environment, Chemistry, Geometry, U.S. History, and English. Students also engage in a survey of Spanish language and literature in 10th grade. Those pursuing university programs in a STEM field have the option of taking physics. 

In the 11th and 12th grades, Clinton students will be in the Diploma Programme. They will take a mix of the following higher level (HL) and standard level (SL) courses: Film, History, Language and Literature, Computer Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Math, and Spanish, with a minimum teaching time of 150 hours in SL courses and 240 hours in HL courses. All IB Diploma candidates will be expected to complete an extended essay, the theory of knowledge course, and engage in a "creativity, action, and service" project.

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end, the organization works with schools, governments, and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate, and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

For further information about the IB, visit http://www.ibo.org


Upper Grades Afterschool

Beyond the school day, we encourage students to sign up for at least one club and/or sports team. This year, we are instituting a $95 club/sports team fee per term, as the Upper Grades program is not funded through the city’s grant with Manhattan Youth or PSAL. This will be used to cover the cost of coaches, materials and working with external organizations. We have set aside the gym for Upper Grades sports teams from 7:30am–8:50am, as well Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:25pm–5:30pm. Tyler Spielberg, our Upper Grades Athletic Director, will share information about sports offered when school starts. Coaches will advise students of the practice schedules. Please note that the sports and clubs will not follow our AE rotating schedule. Rather, they will meet on one particular day of the week at a given time.

The Upper Grade clubs include, among others:
• Student Council
• Model UN
• The Clinton Post (newspaper)
• The Clinton Soup (literary and arts magazine)
• Yearbook
• Chess
• Mouse Squad (computer club)
• Sports clubs

In addition, students are participating in:
• The Whitney Arts Insights Program
• Internships with Manhattan Youth in our lower grades afterschool program.
• National Honor Society Chapter (will be later in the year)