Letter from Levin – week of April 19th

Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian —

 I hope that you had a wonderful long break, and were able to get away. If not from NYC, at least from the routines of work and school, and see some of what makes this city such a special place. 

We are back tomorrow for a short week and I look forward to seeing all the familiar faces. As much as students sometimes grumble about class, so many kids walk back into the building with smiles on their faces, and thrilled to be back among their classmates, teachers and staff.

This time of year, with admission results (round 2 high school) and middle grades matches due over the next few weeks, my thoughts turn to budget, schedule and hiring for 2017-18. Over the next few years, until we are fully grown, we are adding a great deal of staff, and adding them quickly. 

What has been successful throughout this process is the involvement of a committee of parents, teachers and staff, that help us identify exemplary candidates. These candidates are a diverse group but must: have a passion for working with teenagers, a deep content knowledge, a belief that they can contribute to an IB for All school, and retain a sense of humor! 

I look forward to introducing our hires by the end of year, as has been our tradition. 




Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)

April 19th- B Day- 

April 20th- C Day-
April 21st- D Day- 

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