Letter from Levin – week of February 6th

Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian —

You should have received a report card when your child came home. I only mention this since, depending on the year, some of mine were buried in the book bag and only unearthed months later. 

The report card represents about half of the work for the year, as we are closing on our 100th day of school (Wednesday). In the second half you should look forward to increased opportunities for your young adult to be independent, demonstrate mastery, and consolidate what they have learned. As always, NYS Exam and Regents are a quasi-necessary evil that we will tackle in the Spring. 

February also starts an avalanche of events, some new traditions, and others old. As I write this from our library’s computer, the sounds of the middle dance are pounding through the walls. Once again some upper grade students helped set-up, and are now DJ’ing. 

Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be the production of Rent. I have heard and seen some of the rehearsals, and it is amazing. As you know, our middle grades musical has been a rich tradition, and I am thrilled that the upper grades are starting their own production. Please come out and support the arts at Clinton!

Next Saturday morning we will head to ski with about 100 of our bravest middle schoolers. Upper grades students, not to be shown up, will have an overnight ski trip to Vermont in March. Whoop. Whoop.

A note that this Monday is an early release day, with all students dismissed at 12:38. Manhattan Youth has graciously agreed to run afterschool until 3:25 for middle school students that would like to stay. 

Lastly, a sad note that Delia Vargas, a longtime school aide at Clinton, was in a car accident last week and will be out of work for some time. I will let you know if I hear more, but please keep her in your thoughts.




Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)

February 6th– B Day- ALL STUDENTS DISMISSED AT 12:38!

February 7th C Day

February 8th D Day

February 9th E Day RENT

February 10th A Day–  RENT

February 11th- Saturday RENT and Middle Grades Ski Trip

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