Letter from Levin – week of January 30th

Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian —

As I write this teachers are putting the final touches on grades. New schedule begins Tuesday, and report cards to follow this week. I am firmly in the camp of the ‘you got this grade because you earned it,’ and appreciate all the effort they have put into assessment this year. There is a high level of transparency through Jupiter, and generally I feel grading is leaps and bounds improved since when I attended high school. 

We walk this ground together as we decide, as a community, what is the appropriate amount of support and scaffolds for students in our 6-12. I don’t think it’s fair that we have the same expectations as students will face in their first year of college, but it’s clear that we must continue to push to get them ready for it. 

In high school students must earn credits. Students that pass courses move closer towards completing NYC requirements. If a student fails a course they must attend summer school. This allows them to stay “on track” and enter our IB Programme in 11th grade. 

Worth reviewing is this document from NYC’s Department of Education:


Generally, I think the more opportunities you give students to demonstrate mastery, and the more assignments that feed particular outcomes, the more our grades reflect a student’s academic potential. That being said I have learned, even from my own sons, that you can open many doors for students and they don’t always walk through them. 

Grade teams will take some time this week, once grades are in, to review how our students are doing, and also what steps we are going to take to challenge our students at the high end and our students that are struggling. As always, triple E and office hours are two excellent supports. 

Beyond the official time that students are with teachers, so many of our staff take time to be with students before school, during lunch and afterschool. Sometimes those may be productive times, and sometimes not, but I think even the spending of time with an adult helps our most vulnerable students feel like they belong. 

And in these times, it seems to me that’s one of the most important jobs a school can do. 




Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)

January 30th – B Day- No school for upper grades, end of Regents’ Week

January 31st –  C Day

February 1st – D Day

February 2nd – E Day

February 3rd – A Day– Almost VDay’s Dance (middle school)


* Reminder Rent coming up!

* Middle grades ski trip coming up!

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