Letter from Levin – week of March 20th

Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian —

Good to see so many of you at the Parents’ Association meeting on Friday. Your energy and enthusiasm to see Clinton succeed keep me going through these gray March days. Ok, the free coffee doesn’t hurt either. 

On Friday, in consultation with the staff, and Central, I moved forward in opening 15 round 2 seats in our 9th grade for 2017-18. This will allow us to to accommodate some of the talented students that did not get offers in the first round but who desired to go to Clinton. It will also allow us to keep class size at reasonable numbers. A slightly larger upper grades program will have added advantages as well. 

First of all it will give us an opportunity to bring in more students from the outside, balancing out students from our middle years classes. Second it will allow us to move further from a straight cohort model, with students traveling by class. Third it will give us some scale to offer additional courses, choices and add more support staff. Lastly, it will allow us to have a larger talent pool for musicals, competitive clubs like chess and math team, and sports. 

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at Parent Conferences. When you come in, please take a moment to pick-up your parent survey. Surveys are an opportunity to share your thoughts on what is working for your family and your child at Clinton. The SLT and I review the results every year, and it’s an important driver for our work, especially as we expand and hear from parents that are new to the community. 




Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)

March 20th- B Day- SLT

March 21st- C Day

March 22nd- D Day. 

March 23rd- E Day- Conferences. All students dismissed at 11:44. 

No outlunch for middle grades.

March 24th- A Day
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