Letter from Levin – week of May 1st

Parent/Guardian of a Clintonian –Hard to believe it’s May! Tuesday-Thursday of next week is the math exam for 6th-8th grade. Your child is well-prepared, and you don’t need to do anything special. Please do ensure that your child eats breakfast and gets a good night sleep. As homework will probably be light for the week, it’s a perfect time to go to office hours and check Jupiter for any missing work.

For upper grades, we have a solid six weeks until Regents. Students who stay at Clinton are expected to pass the exam and course in Algebra, U.S. History and Living Environment at the end of 9th grade, and English and Geometry at the end of 10th grade. Although Regents are a NYS requirement, they are just a starting place. 

Students in 11th and 12th grade head into IB courses. Those courses run for two years and combine internal and external exams and projects. The external exams mean that they are administered at Clinton, but graded by teachers from the outside. 

Clinton is an IB for All model, which means all students will be in IB courses. We are prepared for students on a wide variety of levels to be in those courses, but students who enter the IB must be able to persevere when challenged. Working while productively struggling, while not shutting down, is an absolute prerequisite. 

An overview of our upper grades program, tailored for parents of students in 7th grade, will be on June 1st. We will also give an overview of the NYC high school process




Important dates- (always see theclintonschool.net for latest dates/times)

May 1st- E Day

May 2nd- A Day Math Exam 6th-8th grades

May 3rd- B Day Math Exam 6th-8th grades

May 4th- C Day Math Exam 6th-8th grades

May 5th- D Day- Track meet (middle)

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