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The Parent Association (PA) of the Clinton School for Writers and Artists is an integral part of the school. Throughout the year, the PA sponsors community-building activities and raises funds to provide enrichment and to supplement the education of our students. The PA also strives to promote good communication between students, families, staff, and faculty. All parents and guardians are automatically members of the PA when their children attend our school.

If you would like to volunteer, we have a wide range of opportunities – some of which can be accomplished from home.  Please click HERE for volunteer information.

Our community relies on the involvement and generous support of all families, and we appreciate your time, resources, ideas, and financial contributions.

To read the Parent Association Bylaws, click HERE. If you have an idea, or a special talent, skill or interest you’d like to share, please contact the PA.





Meet the Executive Board

The Clinton PA Executive Board is a group of parent volunteers, elected yearly in the Spring, who govern the PA according to its accepted bylaws. The PA Executive Board works with the Clinton community to support the vision of the school through fundraising and the implementation of programs and initiatives. The PA Executive Board meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8:15am in the PA Office. Questions? Contact us at [email protected] .

2016-2017 Executive Board:

Ashlea Clark and Lynn Cohen

Vice President 
Gail Bennett

Co- Secretaries 
Jenine Bockman and Ann Doyle

Co- Treasurers
Sarah Johnson and Diane Power
Have a question about PA finances or taxes? Donations? Confidentiality? Contribution receipts and the PA's tax status? Or you're just into numbers and want to talk to other people who are, too? Please contact the Treasurers

Members at Large 
Sue Bennett
Liz Craig
Susanne Frenk
Laura Galen
Justine Stern-Beutler



Clinton Family Fund

Donate Directly to Our School’s Biggest Fundraiser

Questions? Contact the Treasurer at [email protected]

The success of Clinton depends on direct contributions from our families to support our school, and we need 100% participation to ensure that the arts-based, rigorously academic culture of our gem of a school remains strong. Donations are strictly voluntary, but we hope you’ll give according to your family’s means in order to show your community involvement. We ask that every family consider giving a suggested donation of $450 per child. Give a little, give a lot: It all adds up to help pay for upgrades in technology, ongoing arts enrichment and community arts partnerships, teacher development, participation in the International Baccalaureate Program, and so much more.  The Clinton PA is a registered 501 c 3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible!

It’s so easy! Make a one-time contribution, or have your donation broken up into recurring monthly installments — The choice is yours.

Contribute by making a donation directly online by clicking the DONATE button at left. Or download the form HERE and mail in a check to:

The Clinton School for Writers and Artists
Attn: PA Treasurer
Clinton PA
10 East 15th St.
New York, NY 10003


Or simply have your child give it to Jill Bennett, Parent Coordinator. Done and done!

Don’t forget to double your money with minimal effort: If your employer has a matching funds program, the HR office can provide you with the forms you need to have your tax-deductible donation to Clinton MATCHED!

Here are some other fun ways to support Clinton:
Buy Clinton clothing items at the School Store (New Styles!).

Solicit and/or Donate items to the annual Clinton Auction.

Sign up for online consignment store Schoola, and mail in your gently used clothing: Clinton gets $2 of every $5 earned, and you get to de-clutter your closets and drawers.

Amazon Smile:


Come meet and greet fellow Clinton families!

Our first general PA meeting is Friday, September 16, at 8:15am. Coffee and donuts will be served.

The Clinton Parent Association General Meetings are held in the library, in the mornings at 8:15 am. Please join us!  Coffee and donuts will be served and an update will be given by Principal Levin and the PA every month.  Please join us!

2016-2017 Parents Association Meeting Schedule*

October 28, 2016 
November 18, 2016
December 16, 2016
January 20, 2017
February 17, 2017
March 17, 2017
April 21, 2017
May 19, 2017
June 16, 2017

*meetings begin at 8:15am and take place in the school library on the first floor. Typically meetings are scheduled on the third Friday of the month. Some meetings are adjusted to accommodate school holidays.  All meetings are subject to change.



Volunteer, Community Building & Fundraising

With the help of the Clinton community, the PA coordinates events to raise funds to support academic and arts enrichment.

A sampling of the activities that are supported by our fundraising efforts are: (subject to change).  

Ballroom dance for the 8th grade
Theatre for a New Audience for the 7th grade
Spring Musical
School Play
Winter Festival
School supplies
Scholarships for class trips
Books and supplies for visual and performing arts
Music program
Teacher support and professional development
8th grade stepping-up ceremony
Technology Hardware
The Clinton High School initiatives: The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
Teacher Appreciation
and more!

The PA also coordinates community-building, social events, at no cost, for both students and parents/guardians such as potlucks and dances, parent-teacher forums, guest speakers, parent education, and idea sharing.

Currently, the PA raises funds by:
The Clinton Family Fund
Online Auction
School Store
Tickets (suggested donations) to social events

Volunteer help is always needed and appreciated! Can you help in any/all of the below?  If so, Contact Us!  (or for any questions or additional details about a committee)

Parent Association Executive Board 
Audit committee
General data entry
General office help
Fundraising/Events Committee 
Auction Team
Hospitality Committee (help coordinate coffee, snacks, etc. for meetings; Reach out to local businesses for donations)
Clinton Family Fund
Chaperone Class Trips
Solicit Donations for Events
Organize School Dances
Merchandising/School Store
PA Meeting Speaker Ideas and Coordination

Do you have experience in any of the following areas? Contact us!
Website help
Graphic Design
Set Design
Grant Writing
Costume Design
Green Initiatives

Can you donate or provide services or supplies to the school? Contact us!
Food/Beverages for Events
Art Supplies
Printing of Materials
Apparel for ClintonWare (T-shirts/Sweatshirts/hats...)
Musical Instruments
Own a car/minivan (for transporting goods/equipment)

Other: Do you have any contacts at a corporation or foundation that may be able to help Clinton? Please contact us!

We currently support visual and performing arts and writing. Do you have any special skills or contacts that might be helpful in any of these areas? Please contact us!

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Please contact us!

Below is a sampling of Clinton events held throughout the year.  These are all community- building events. Additional academic, classroom events are shared with parents/guardians throughout the year, as well as PA and school-sponsored parent/guardian seminars:

Winter Festival – An evening talent show 
Dances – Valentine’s and Halloween
Poetry Slam – A school-day poetry reading. Parents are invited
School Musical (In 2015 "Little Shop of Horrors")
School Play (in 2015, "A Midsummer Night's Dream")
Sporting events – Volleyball, soccer, basketball, etc.
The Clinton Games – our field day/Run For Reason – A school-day run and fund-raiser Movember – During the month of November, male teachers grow mustaches, and the students vote with dollar for the best mustache. The money raised goes to a charity
Clinton Ski Trip—Saturday ski trip open to middle and upper grades
Gallery Night – All students may submit artwork for an evening art gallery
Online Auction and Gala


We welcome new ideas and your support! If you’re interested in learning more, joining a committee or helping with any event, or if you have a question or suggestion, please contact [email protected]. Team up with other parents and join the fun!

Remember to donate to the Family Fund by clicking the DONATE button at left! 



There are several ways Clinton and the PA communicates information to parents/guardians. Information is communicated electronically in addition to monthly PA meetings, curriculum night, Parent Teacher Conferences, Monthly Coffees with Jill, and informal parent get togethers. The website has policy and academic information, as well as weekly updates and the school calendar. Principal Levin sends out a weeky "Letter from Levin" with important information for every school family. And the PA will keep everyone updated with an e-newsletter.  Occasionally, the school or PA will send out flyers or mailings, as well as "Robo" calls to your home (automated phone calls). 

How Clinton Communicates:

Clinton Website -
Letter from Levin - Principal Levin’s weekly email
PA Newsletter
Parent Coordinator emails
Parent Coordinator Monthly "Coffee with Jill"
“Robo” Calls - automated calling system
Jupiter Grades
General PA Monthly Meetings
Parent Teacher Conferences
Curriculum Night
Informal parent gatherings

For this reason, it’s vital that families provide accurate and updated email addresses/contact information to the Parent Coordinator for school information and to the  PA for the PA newsletters and all PA-sponsored event information. Contact us HERE.